Haley brings many skills to her job at Empowered Coffee including baking, management, and business.  She loves to travel and one of her favorite destinations is Seattle. She rode the London Eye last summer.  If she could pack her bags and take a trip right now where would she go? Vegas baby! Who does Haley admire?  “My mom and I love her.” You can find Haley shopping at the Domain, hanging out with her best friend Sydney, baking (banana bread is her specialty), or organizing.  She loves organizing.  Scrambled eggs and hash browns maybe washed down with hot chocolate. She participates in Special Olympics and will be competing in tennis and powerlifting in the state championships this summer.  Haley dreams of being a pastry chef one day.



A day in the life of Tyler: get up,  go to gym to lift weights and play basketball and then help around the house and watch TV.  You can find him working out at the gym at least three days a week. If he could be anywhere at this very minute he would teleport himself to Oklahoma City to visit my Aunt Misty.  Sundays are for sleeping late and ordering bacon and eggs at breakfast. Tyler is a big music and PlayStation fan. He likes rock and rap and Another Love Song by Ne-Yo is one of his favorites.  Tyler competes on the Hill Country Special Olympics team. He’s on the swim team, is a powerlifter, and plays basketball and soccer.



Spencer Khan has got it going on.  He’s been part of Special Olympics for 16 years and plays point guard on the basketball team which just won the Special Olympics State Championships!  He’s a longtime HEB employee as well. He moved to Austin from Vermont. And no, he does not miss the snow. He brings energy, enthusiasm, and fun to his job at Empowered Coffee and describes himself as “social.  I love talking to people and being around them.” Don’t leave Empowered Coffee without getting a high five from Spencer.



What does Casey bring to Empowered Coffee?  Organization, focus, and a sense of community.  He is the youngest of five children and says his heroes are his parents.  Casey gravitates to music that contains a mix of genres. One of his tattoo reads “Never Give In” which is not just his personal motto but the name of his band where he is the lead singer.  “Never Give In” has been together for over three years and performs mostly original songs. They are inspired by 30 Seconds to Mars, The Killers, and the UK-based group Bring Me the Horizon.  What is the significance of Never Give In? “Believe in yourself and believe in who you want to be because if you have those two beliefs, nothing can stop you.”



Alden describes herself as  “friendly, helpful, and dependable” and if she takes your coffee order you’ll agree.  Barista by day, she also works at Austin’s Pizza where the MOPAC with sausage, pepperoni, mushrooms, and green and black olives is her favorite.  She’s also down with plain old cheese. She has a twin sister named Connor. In her free time you can find Alden dancing (she loves dancing!), hosting a sleepover with friends and watching movies, and hanging out with her boyfriend Travis.  



The best skill William brings to the job, other than making killer coffee?  “I am a good host.” His favorite Katy Perry song is “Roar” which he heard live in Dallas with his sister during Witness:  The Tour. His Special Olympic basketball team will represent Team Texas in Seattle at the Special Olympics USA games in July.  His hero is his mom (awwwww…). If William won the lottery tomorrow where would he go? “To a lake house. Or to Australia to look for mermaids.”  William’s dream is to open his own restaurant that serves vegan options.



Morgan describes himself as “organized, dependable, and fast” and has set a goal to make his own money this year.  If you are looking for a sports buddy, Morgan is your guy: bowling, basketball, powerlifting, track & field, soccer, softball, and flag football–take your pick.  His pet peeves include bullies and rude people. If you’re out with Morgan he will probably order nachos, pizza, or chicken (or maybe all three?). He loves playing video games especially Madden NFL and WWE 2K18.  When asked if he feels strongly about any causes such as the environment, homelessness, and animals he says, “All of the above. I care about everybody.”